Thick Bins

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PackOut Standard Profile to TSTAK Holder Rectangle Standard Profile $5

Bits not included .

PackOut Standard Profile to TSTAK Holder Square $4

PO Standard Profile 4way Rectangle nesting bins set. $15

Photo Coming Soon

PO Standard Profile 2way Rectangle nesting bins $14

The #BunkBIN

This is what you all have asked for. Stacking Bit Bins for the Standard profile PackOut!

You only get the bottom 3 row bin ( seen in white, bits not included) available in black. Other colors are available on quantiles of 6 or more.

You need this bin and a standard LowProfile bin to equal the thickness of a standard bin. Not two bunkbins.


PO HighProfile 2or4 Way Nest Bins BLACK/RED $11 for Top and Bottom

POStandardProfile 3way Rectangle Bin $20