3D Printing Resources

Here are a few links to products I have bought for my 3D Printing setup and personally Love!

These are the glass build plates I use.

Great tool to remove the nozzle, All you need is the correct 1/4 socket size.

Here's a Link to my our Amazon Store front !! the items in it are ones we have bought, used and like.

I want to give a big shot out to the Thingiverse community.

If you don’t know of thingiverse, it is an online community of 3d designers. A place where we can share designs. If there is a bin here that you like and you want to just print them out yourself, then head on over to www.thingiverse.com .

Also I want to recognize a few of the designers.

Benjamen Johnson.

He is the godfather of many of the PO bins and has a lot of other awesome content. Check him out on Thingiverse and Instagram

https://3dprints.electronsmith.com/ --- this is Ben's main 3D Prints page!



Brian Zeug

He has a few remixed version of Benjamen Johnson PO Bins


Dillon Cody

Has a great design for the M18 batteries


Jamey Gettys

He has a great design for the Packout feet.


Frank Dobb

He has a great design for the 3/4 way inserts and the 8 way for the wider bins


Jesse Stroup

He has made a few designs, but I really like the LowProfile nesting ( SPAX)

He is on Instagram as @jesse002100