Misc Parts

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PackOut Feet $3 each

M18 Battery Mounts $3.5 each

Milwaukee M12 Battery Bracket $3.5 each

PO Wall Cleat Set $5

M12 Tool Holder

M18 Tool Holder Small Medium Large

Quick Release Pins for the Bottom rolling

Click PackOut Pins Here!

Here are a few links to other PackOut/ Milwaukee products

Quick Release Pins for the Bottom rolling box.

Quick Release Pins for the Bottom rolling box, Amazon and the MFG are backordered . We have gone ahed and ordered a large quantity and was told we should receive them middle to late February

Milwaukee Tool Belt clips.

These are the old style belt clips I use.

Click here. Cord Cobra from Packible

Turn your packout box into a cord carrying beast!

No more tangled cords inside your packout box.

Keep your cords and packout boxes lean and organized.

  • Durable carbon fiber infused PLA construction

  • Conveniently located yet out of the way of everyday function

  • Easy installation with minimal modification

  • All parts for installation included